Offered Services

We offer training programs for continuous enhancement of knowledge and to help your engineers and technicians to operate and maintain the plant better and independently. We also provide training on managerial and behavioral aspects and project management. Our trainers put all their expertise and experience at your disposal to help you achieve more and meet set goals.

  • Helps the operation staff to learn all the product features and boost their knowledge and confidence for successful and error free execution of their responsibilities.
  • They get chance to learn the things which make them ready for the next level of responsibilities.
  • They keep them updated with the ever-changing technology.
  • Helps minimizing downtime by enabling your engineers to diagnose & rectify any fault that can occur with the instrument.
  • Help them improving productivity and achieving Zero defects.


Engineering, Procurement & Control of Supplies

Annual Contract

Annual Maintenance Contract Services for Corporate


Installation & Commissioning Services

O&M Contract

Operation & Maintenance Contract


Trainings of Engineering & Management


Refurbishing & Repair Service Provider


Buchiya Controls Private Limited best in class, innovative, price competitive and high quality performing engineering enterprise providing solutions for auxiliaries, plants and projects. We intend to do this by using best technology in design, manufacturing, erection, testing and troubleshooting.


Buchiya Controls Private Limited Help customers in completing their projects on time and with highest level of satisfaction. Do this, in innovated way, by using best technology and by becoming the Channel Partner or System Integrator of established main component suppliers in all over the world.


Benchmark ourselves as Quality Supplier and Service Provider for execution of projects and smooth O&M of plants. Develop a healthy and trustworthy relation with customers and vendors by maintaining highest ethical standards and removing differences appearing in achieving common goals.