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Company believes that bad installation can spoil any good quality of equipment resulting in loss of cost, time and quality. This may result in major accidents of the personnel and property too. Bad installation results in frequent breakdown of plant and also reduces life of equipment. Therefore, it is must to do installation in most professional manner and with utmost care. With long experience of management , BUCHIYA CONTROLS PRIVATE LIMITED is committed of doing installation and commissioning in most effective and safe way. No one from the company is allowed to handle the installation without proper training and hands on experience. We also do the site fabrication if required so. Company focuses on selection of right people for the respective job. Involvement of channel partners or the subcontractor have the same criteria.

With long years of learning and experience from the field, below is the integral part of work method for installation of any equipment supplied by the company or by the other OEMs.

  • Preparation of detailed work schedule
  • Regular progress reporting to client
  • Use of established norms and procedures for installation of critical equipment
  • Professional handling of equipment for its safety and keeping damage free
  • Proper and timely resource planning and deputation
  • Required guide lines in documented form
  • Proper selection of required tools & tackles
  • Work force with all safety gears
  • Work force properly trained on safety & Environment aspects
  • Obeying safety regime of a running plant
  • Testing of equipment with standard established methods and guide lines
  • Pre-commissioning checks and testing by the qualified engineers/technicians using right and calibrated instruments
  • Generation of proper protocol for record keeping of test and erection parameters


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Buchiya Controls Private Limited best in class, innovative, price competitive and high quality performing engineering enterprise providing solutions for auxiliaries, plants and projects. We intend to do this by using best technology in design, manufacturing, erection, testing and troubleshooting.


Buchiya Controls Private Limited Help customers in completing their projects on time and with highest level of satisfaction. Do this, in innovated way, by using best technology and by becoming the Channel Partner or System Integrator of established main component suppliers in all over the world.


Benchmark ourselves as Quality Supplier and Service Provider for execution of projects and smooth O&M of plants. Develop a healthy and trustworthy relation with customers and vendors by maintaining highest ethical standards and removing differences appearing in achieving common goals.