Offered Services

BUCHIYA CONTROLS PRIVATE LIMITED are associated with team of qualified engineers for doing basic and detail engineering of their scope. We understand the industry requirement well and do our work with cost optimization, quality and safety in mind. We use latest engineering tools for fast and effective design. We provide necessary calculations, wherever, required or demanded. We generate all drawings required for proper and fast installation. Designers also provide required document/manual for installation, operation and maintenance.

We select our suppliers as per the client need and considering client’s recommendations. We work with ZERO SHORTAGES concept in supply of our scope in one go or as per the agreement with our clients. Sourcing of components are done from the best in the industry manufacturers and suppliers. Agreed QAP (Quality Assurance Plan) is implemented in supply of each critical items. Our associate engineering team take care of all inspections at OEMs and at our assembly shop to ensure dispatches or client inspection on agreed terms.


Engineering, Procurement & Control of Supplies

Annual Contract

Annual Maintenance Contract Services for Corporate


Installation & Commissioning Services

O&M Contract

Operation & Maintenance Contract


Trainings of Engineering & Management


Refurbishing & Repair Service Provider


Buchiya Controls Private Limited best in class, innovative, price competitive and high quality performing engineering enterprise providing solutions for auxiliaries, plants and projects. We intend to do this by using best technology in design, manufacturing, erection, testing and troubleshooting.


Buchiya Controls Private Limited Help customers in completing their projects on time and with highest level of satisfaction. Do this, in innovated way, by using best technology and by becoming the Channel Partner or System Integrator of established main component suppliers in all over the world.


Benchmark ourselves as Quality Supplier and Service Provider for execution of projects and smooth O&M of plants. Develop a healthy and trustworthy relation with customers and vendors by maintaining highest ethical standards and removing differences appearing in achieving common goals.