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Proper maintenance helps plants/factories many ways e.g. uninterrupted production/ generation, less cost of maintenance, increased life of equipment, no firefighting approach, plant/factory delivery commitments are kept and less head-ache for the managers.

All of the above can be achieved if maintenance is planned and executed with high professional knowledge and approach. BUCHIYA CONTROLS PRIVATE LIMITED takes up AMCs to ensure no breakdown for reason other than external. Company works for listing of required spares for emergency maintenance keeping in mind the minimum inventory cost. The company engineers / technicians own their equipment and possess required knowledge to provide support for trouble shooting in fastest way. Preventive maintenance is essential to ensure reliability and smooth functioning of your plant. Our engineer visits your site at periodic intervals as a proactive measure to optimize and improve the performance of your equipment. Visits in case of an emergency breakdown is always on company plan.

Advantages of AMC on us:

  • Minimizes chances of failures, reduces downtime and increases productivity.
  • At every visit, our engineer/technician records the problems encountered & remedial action taken, helping client in maintaining a detailed history of the problems for better analysis and in time readiness with spares.
  • AMC customers save on spares as a result of preferential rates offered and also due to reduced usage of spares because of regular maintenance.
  • AMC Customers are our Priority Customers for offering prompt services.


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Buchiya Controls Private Limited best in class, innovative, price competitive and high quality performing engineering enterprise providing solutions for auxiliaries, plants and projects. We intend to do this by using best technology in design, manufacturing, erection, testing and troubleshooting.


Buchiya Controls Private Limited Help customers in completing their projects on time and with highest level of satisfaction. Do this, in innovated way, by using best technology and by becoming the Channel Partner or System Integrator of established main component suppliers in all over the world.


Benchmark ourselves as Quality Supplier and Service Provider for execution of projects and smooth O&M of plants. Develop a healthy and trustworthy relation with customers and vendors by maintaining highest ethical standards and removing differences appearing in achieving common goals.